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Eddie Michel Azoulay – Danish photographer and writer (born 1970) who specializes in photo documentary and portrait photography. Furthermore he shoots commercial assignments for the music industry (concert photography and album covers) and advertising campaigns for companies such as Samsung and Carlsberg. In addition he is also an avid street photographer.

As a photographer and writer Eddie has documented human, cultural and historical issues around the world for more than 20 years, covering a vast variety of cases: From the massive money scheme which have affected the nuclear plant Chernobyl, to the fate of World War 2 survivors and veterans as well as humanitarian disasters and conditions in Africa. He has worked extensively in America, Tanzania, Ireland, Switzerland, Kenya, Ukraine, France, Senegal, Great Britain, Burundi, Germany, Spain, Italy, Cuba and his native Denmark.

His primary client portfolio counts Denmark’s leading daily newspapers, monthly glossy papers and electronic media. He has also contributed with content to the monthly men’s magazine ARENA and the distinguished Spanish photography magazine OJO DE PEZ. For several years he has also done volunteer work as a photojournalist in Africa for the humanitarian aid organizations PLAN Denmark and ADRA Denmark.

He has portrayed and interviewed more than 200 international personalities, celebrities, music and movie stars. Among others Madonna, George Michael, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Archbishop Desmond Tutu, filmmaker Jean-Jacques Annaud, Omar Sharif, Prince, Marcus Wolf (former head of the East German foreign intelligence division of the Stasi), Cher, Pierce Brosnan, Sting, Whitney Houston, John Cleese, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Boris Becker and Stevie Wonder.



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